The Tender Animals by Petra Dorst conquer the world. The animals, each with their own character come alive in the Adventure Stories the artist has written.

Art from Petra - Tender Animals

The tight shapes, or the curves in the same sculpture, is what reflects in the Tenderness series. The flowing movement in the sculpture makes it a powerful whole.

Art from Petra - Tenderness

Stillness is a series with depth and personal touch.
The beautifully executed bronze objects together form the best composition.

Art from Petra - Stillness

Other Art from Petra

The Eagle “King of the Birds”

The Eagle “King of the Birds”

Bathing lady

The Bathing Lady(s) by Rembrandt (1654)

Chess game 60 x 60 cm

Chess game

Where to see?

The Tender Animals by Petra Art can be found in several Galleries. National and international.

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