Let's Talk

Let's Talk

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If you are interested in my work, or want to know more about the process or the possibilities for you personal. Please contact me. You can reach me at the phone number below or mail me.

Look behind the scenes

Twice a month I give a tour of my studio to admire my images and look behind the scenes to show you the interesting process and craft of bronze casting

Boeken Petra Art  - Tender Animals
Boeken Petra Art  - Tender Animals

Tender Animals are also featured in a fictional children's book 'The Adventure Forest'.
Written by Pertra Art. Illustrations by Arie van Vliet (Flipje).


Tender Animals Picture Book

Allow Petra's picture book to take you into the world of unlimited creativity.

Tender Animals: The Art Wood (Het Avonturen Woud)

Through wildfires, floods or melting icewater, all animal friends wash ashore on Adventure Island to have all kinds of adventures together.

The characters from the book are also cast in bronze and travel the world that way too.


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