Tender Animals

Tender Animals

All about the animals

The Tender Animals by Petra Dorst conquer the world. The animals, each with their own character come alive in the Adventure Stories the artist has written. The main characters:

Panda, Polar Bear, Rabbits, Mice and Duck, and Ostrich and their other friends, experience their adventures. The work continues to expand and shows a completely different side of what is happening, and what can occur in bronze. From a simple sketch that came alive.

Uncomplicated Art makes you happy

Uncomplicated Art makes you happy, the characteristic bronze animals are vividly depicted and patinated in beautiful colours. Whether it's azure, royal blue. Or the colour of the setting sun in all itsDiversity. You will find it in the special sculptures of Petra.

The polished parts make it into a picture, and enrich the environment with their presence.

Tender Animals All about the animals


Tender Animals

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Tender Animals Picture Book

Allow Petra's picture book to take you into the world of unlimited creativity.

Tender Animals: The Art Wood (Het Avonturen Woud)

Through wildfires, floods or melting icewater, all animal friends wash ashore on Adventure Island to have all kinds of adventures together. The characters from the book are also cast in bronze and travel the world that way too.

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